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IDG CMO: Tech Marketers Want Performance and Trust From Media Partners
By Kate Maddox, Ad Age
Q& A With Josh London On How The B-to-B Media Business Has Changed

Interview with Michael Friedenberg, CEO - IDG Communications
By Ankush Gupta, MarTech Advisor

IDG’s Social Media Marketing Success Story
By Noelle Skodzinski, mediaShepherd
mediaShepherd asked Colin Browning to explain how IDG designed and implemented an effective B2B social media campaign: platforms used, specific approaches, goals, strategies and results.

Is the World as Flat as We Think?
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Communications Worldwide
IDG CEO Michael Friedenberg weighs the promise of globalization against the competitive realities of Internet business practices and security concerns.

Q& A: Michael Friedenberg, CEO IDG Communications Worldwide, on Ad Viewability
By Michelle Manafy, InContext
IDG believes that viewability is a measure of ROI more than a measure of performance. If publishers like IDG can report higher viewability, marketers should be more comfortable with that investment.

New Executive Skill Sets Emerge in CIO 100 Award Winners
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Communications Worldwide
IDG CEO Michael Friedenberg spots skills that signal greater business success for IT: marketing, market knowledge and communication.

Q& A: Programmatic Means Going All In
By Caysey Welton, Folio
Scott Harris, vice president of sales and marketing at IDG TechNetwork and speaker at FOLIO:'s MediaMashup on April 3 in New York City discusses how his company tackles programmatic while organizing and educating its team.

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Communications Worldwide
I rarely dive into vertical industries in this column (in consideration of the breadth of our readership), but these trends affecting retail today are bound to manifest themselves in almost every other industry, especially those directly serving consumers.

The Producer: China’s Hugo Shong
By Art Jahnke, BU Today
Shong, founding general partner of IDG Capital Partners and chairman of IDG Greater China, as well as a BU trustee, has been sounding out opportunities for two decades, and most of them involve the application of an American business model to the world’s fastest growing economy.

IDG CEO Friedenberg Sees a Data-Driven Mobile Future
By Mark Glaser, PBS Mediashift
While many people wrote off tech trade publications as obsolete in the digital era, IDG continues to expand, diversify and find new ways to serve the tech industry.

Remix Q& A: IDG's Pete Longo on Publishers' Treasure Trove of Data
By Sean Callahan, Digital Marketing Remix
Pete Longo, CEO of IDG Syndication and Networks and Chief Digital Officer, IDG Communications, discussed some of the advantages that online business publishers have in gaining increasing data and insight into their audiences.

10 Questions With … Michael Friedenberg, CEO, IDG Communications
By Noelle Skodzinski, Media Shepherd
If there’s any question about whether or not legacy publishing companies can adapt to what many call “the new media world,” IDG Communications serves to provide a resounding answer: “Yes, they can.”

IDG Focuses On Digital Ad Properties While Building Out Reach
By David Kaplan, AdExchanger
IDG intends to concentrate on its Web strength even more this year, said Pete Longo, CEO of IDG’s vertical ad network TechNetwork and the IDG Consumer & SMB unit.

A CEO's Guide to Setting Goals for 2014
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Communications Worldwide
With the new year quickly approaching, it is always nice to reflect a bit while looking forward to the year ahead. Given how technology continues to affect every element of our life, personal and professional, the following quotes are worth thinking about as we set our goals for the coming year.

Elevator Pitch: IDG's Phil Sanderson bets on gaming despite Zynga debacle
By Peter Delevett, San Jose Mercury News
Sanderson, a managing director at IDG Ventures in San Francisco, specializes in new media, gaming, music and shopping startups, as well as more grown-up pursuits like the job-hunting site Simply Hired. In this week's Elevator Pitch, he holds forth on the future of gaming -- and talks about partying with 1,000 of his closest VC friends.

Interview with Jason Snell [MacWorld] on Apple, iOS and the iDevice Ecosystem
By Jignesh Padhiyar, iGeeksBlog
Jason Snell of MacWorld, PCWorld and TechHive is a name that needs no introduction. He’s been at the forefront of tech reviews concerning Apple products and his opinions are one of the most balanced and valued in the industry.

IT Industry Undergoing an Epic Transition
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Communications U.S.
I think Chambers captured the sense of urgency when he said: “We don’t compete against competitors, we compete against market transitions.” Well, this market transition is one for the ages.

Highlighting the Editorial Skills that Matter in Media Today
Q& A: John Gallant, IDG’s chief content officer, talks team building

By Arti Patel, Folio
Here, John Gallant, SVP and chief content officer for IDG Enterprise and noted speaker at FOLIO:’s MediaNext event, October 28 to 30 in New York, talks about the new job of an editor, the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and who he wants working for him.

The CIO/ CMO Disconnect: Is Rogue IT a Threat to this Partnership?
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
Technology is taking on an increasingly important role throughout organizations, and the marketing function is experiencing the most significant impact. The interdependencies between CIO and CMO roles are growing at a rapid pace.

Reenergize Your Partner Marketing Efforts
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
Alliance Partner initiatives have again become a critical marketing tactic as IT vendors work to establish the strategic value of their solutions, by bringing two or more companies together to meet a customer’s objectives.

IDG UK chief Kit Gould on native advertising in B2B media
By Jasper Jackson, The Media Briefing
A couple of weeks ago we spoke to Buzzfeed about its focus on making native advertising content its audience want to share. For a take from a B2B perspective we spoke to Kit Gould, CEO of IDG UK...

The Hyper-Connected, Mobile Audience Will Force Publishers to Act
By Matt Yorke, IDG Global Solutions (via MinOnline)
At IDC, analysts have coined a phrase which captures what is happening in the technology market. The 3rd platform is driving growth.

Dig Deeper for Cloud Investment Decisions
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
Vendors need to be aware of what organizations are looking for and begin conversations by highlighting how they can secure assets and reduce overall organizational costs to make a lasting impression.

Direct And RTB Sales Can Co-Exist Says IDG Enterprise's Friedenberg
By John Ebbert, AdExchanger
Premium direct sales and real-time biddable display advertising ... can they co-exist? IDG Enterprise thinks so.

In BYOD Discussions, Security is Key
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
For an IT vendor to rise above the pack, the security aspect of their CITE solution needs to be complete, as well as provide ease of integration with existing infrastructure and have the ability to work across a variety of platforms and operating systems.

The Industrial Internet: The Next Great Economic Revolution
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
What happens when we can merge the power of intelligent devices, intelligent systems, and intelligent automation with physical machines, facilities and networks?

Helping marketers use data to target segmented audiences
Interview with Andrew Sambrook, IDG Connect (via Media Business)
Andrew Sambrook has been with International Data Group for 23 years and now serves as VP of IDG Connect, the company's list services, direct marketing and newsletter division. Media Business recently spoke with him about the division's production efforts.

Social marketing begins with good social listening
By Rich Vancil, IDC (via BtoB)
For me, the best part about social is that it can turn those classic asynchronous communication flows into a true dialog. This is what marketing should be! It should be a real conversation with our customers in which we treat them as the rational, evaluative, maximizing and self-directed people that they are...

Does Technology Makes Us Smarter Or Dumber?
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
I look back at the time my parents taught me how to parallel park, and it’s a very fond memory. Now all you need to do is push a button and your car will parallel park itself. Makes me wonder what our lives will become. Is the future really about pushing a lot of buttons to get things done?

IDG boss Bob Carrigan: 'The curse of many publishers is they hold on to print for too long'
By Jasper Jackson, The Media Briefing
Digital disruption stalks the media industry. New technologies threaten to make old ones obsolete every week. So publishers covering the technology industry are closer to the eye of the storm than most.But tech publisher IDG has turned this to its advantage.

Tech Consumers Speak and What They Tell Us
By Matt Yorke, IDG Global Solutions (via MinOnline)
It was not that long ago that the biggest challenge for publishers and marketers was to understand the dynamics of the print and the online worlds. Today, it is far more complex both from the medium and message standpoints.

CIOs See Risks and Rewards in Startup Mania
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
Are we in a tech bubble? Pundits and market-watchers have been batting that idea around lately, focusing on the poor stock performance of once-dazzling social-media innovators like Facebook, Zynga and Groupon.

OB and the CMO, CIO, CEO, CFO and COO
By Rich Vancil, IDC (via BtoB)
With more digital and social resources than ever before, buyers in all product and service categories are disrupting traditional marketing. The ability for marketing to capitalize on this is not just a "bet the marketing department" issue it's a "bet the company" issue.

10 Resolutions for CIOs to Kick-Start the New Year
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
Have you made any resolutions yet? If you’re still mulling over the possibilities, allow me to share CIO’s Top 10 resolutions. As we’re fond of saying around my company, “The biggest room in the house is the room for improvement.”

The Top 10 Priorities for CIOs in 2013
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
As we approach the new year, I share 10 of my all-time favorite quotes paired with some questions to spark your thinking about CIO priorities for 2013.

Is Your Content as Accessible as It Should Be?
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
According to a study conducted by IDG Research, 57% of smartphone and 31% of tablet users engage with content on their mobile device. IDG Enterprise’s Customer Engagement research, however, revealed that mobile content access has several limitations.

Data Services Enhance Search Marketing
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
Data services not only present a valuable opportunity to deliver the high quality, relevant content that ITDMs are actively seeking, but they also provide the most relevant content possible to tech buyers, increasing the likelihood of engagement and enhancing your credibility with this important audience.

Are You Nurturing or Nagging?
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
“Content is king” may be one of the most overused phrases in online marketing. However, the importance of relevant content in a marketing strategy cannot be overstressed, and content marketing is not going away anytime soon.

The Power of Paid, Owned and Earned Media
By Matt Yorke, IDG Global Solutions (via BtoB)
It takes a potent mixture of paid, owned, and earned media working together to interest prospects and convert them to customers.

CIOs Must Face the Talent Challenge
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
The more CIOs I talk to, the more apparent it becomes that the talent wars have hit a whole new level of sophistication. Here are some intriguing approaches and questions to consider...

Build Relationships with Content
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
Technology is transforming how businesses operate– from big data, mobility, BYOD, cloud, social and beyond– and it’s also driving rapid change in how IT decision-makers (ITDMs) engage with content to meet business needs.

Hey CIOs! Show Your CMO the Love
By Michael Friedenberg, IDG Enterprise
CMOs’ worlds turned technical overnight–suddenly they have to deal with marketing automation, business intelligence and analytics, social tools, lead nurturing and Web development.

Tech Changes Pose Security Challenges and Opportunities
By Bob Melk, IDG Enterprise
A major shift is taking place in enterprise security and risk now that more and more critical systems are accessed through the cloud and mobile/consumer devices.