For 20 years, The IDG News Service has served IDG publications as a dedicated daily source of global IT news, commentary and editorial resources. IDG News Service content is directly available only to the staff of publications owned or licensed by IDG, who in turn make it publicly available via their websites, newspapers and magazines.

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Paris Bureau

Romania Bureau

Bangalore Bureau

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224 West 4th Street, Suite 200, New York, NY 10014
Phone: +1-212-400-0524
Fax: +1-212-379-6356

Marc Ferranti - Editor-in-Chief
Phone: +1-973-313-9485, Mobile: +1-973-822-6755, Fax:+1-973-313-9486

Agam Shah - U.S. Correspondent
Beats: hardware, including PCs, servers, tablets, chips, semiconductors, consumer electronics and peripherals, smartphones and mobile devices
Phone: +1-212-372-7736
AIM: katroolIDG

Katherine Noyes - U.S. Correspondent
Reports on: Enterprise software
Phone: + 1-501-358-6221
Mobile: +1-501-358-9502
AIM: kanoyes11

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501 Second Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax: +1-415-974-7434

Stephen Lawson - Senior U.S. Correspondent
Reports on: networking (routers, switches, hubs, home networking)
Phone: +1-415-974-7485

Blair Hanley Frank - U.S. Correspondent
Covers: Microsoft and its competitors in desktop OS, productivity suites and browsers
Phone: +415-978-3318
Twitter: @belril

James Niccolai - San Francisco Bureau Chief
Phone: +1-415-974-7406
Twitter: @jniccolai

Martyn Williams - Senior U.S. Correspondent
Phone: +1-415-974-7432

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40 bd Henri Sellier, F-92150 SURESNES, France

Peter Sayer - Paris Bureau Chief
Reports on: open source software, general technology news
Mobile: +33 6 08 75 65 28

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Iasi, Romania

Lucian Constantin - Romania Correspondent
Phone: +40 746 825137

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302 Koramangala Comforts, No.1, 9th Main, 6th Cross, S.T.Bed, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore-560 034, India

John Ribeiro - Bangalore Correspondent
Reports on: IT in India, offshoring, outsourcing, technology trends
Phone: +91-80-2553 3341, Fax: +91-80-2553 3342
AIM: JohnBRibeiro

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